Cyber, Social Media, Media, & Technology

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In a world where nearly everything is accessible in the cyber realm, it is crucial to have protection against online risks. 

We can provide extensive cover for the following types of businesses:

1) Cyber

  • This is any company using online services to run their business.

2) Social Media

  • Social networks & Community sites
  • Media sharing websites
  • Bloggers
  • Online Gaming Companies

3) Media

  • Broadcasters
  • Publishers
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and Communications companies
  • Film, Video, TV and Music Producers
  • Non-media companies who engage in media activities

4) Technology

  • App and website developers

The list of Cyber covers we can provide for these types of businesses are:

  • Cyber & Privacy Cover
  • Cloud Storage Cover
  • Technology Supply Chain Cover
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties Cover
  • System Repair Costs
  • Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Cover
  • Virus & Hacking Liability Cover
  • Breach Notification Costs Cover

Other covers provided outside of the cyber realm are:

  • Media Liability
  • Defamation Cover
  • Civil Liability Professional Indemnity
  • Breach of Contract Cover
  • Contractual Liability Cover
  • Multimedia Liability Cover
  • Vicarious Liability Cover
  • Payment of Withheld fees
  • System Business Interruption
  • Claim Mitigation Costs
  • Contractual Breach
  • Worldwide Civil Liability Protection

Not only can we ensure that we provide all of your essential insurance requirements but also aid in creating a bespoke insurance product that covers the unique risks that are presented by your business.

No matter how unique or interesting your business is, we can provide the right product for your needs.

We can also provide Cyber Essentials/ Cyber Essentials Plus certification, please enquire for more information.

Please contact us if you require any further information.